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lifes_a_treat wrote in floretgifts
 So, I've decided to make myself a goal: To make at least 1 post a day.

Maybe this'll help motivate me to make more pretties for sale. o(^^o)(o^^)o

1 post a day doesn't mean that it's going to be a new product everyday. Sometimes I might just post up some excuse for why I have nothing done. (゚Д゚;)

Starting tomorrow I'll be posting a Tulip Pin/Broach that I've just finished. First, I need to take a picture of it. For some reason, my pictures keeps coming out blurry. ~_~ Sad. I can't hold my camera still. Not to mention the background won't come out white, it's some shade of ugly yellow. Go figure. I'm going to keep taking until something comes out nice.

Until tomorrow!


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