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Hello! I’m going to use this blog to sell my crochet items. Why? Because I can! Not to mention that crocheting is fun~ ^_^v And let us not forget that I really need the extra cash right now because of a recent job loss….. T_T But the reason for using LiveJournal instead of let’s say…Ebay or Etsy, is because it’s free and I wanted to try something different. Why not~ (*≧▽≦)

I tend to shop at Michaels or Jo-Anns to buy most of my supplies because they’re close and I don’t have to wait. I’m impatient. Online shopping is set aside for special orders for special/specific materials that I can’t find locally. That’s just for materials, otherwise, I shop online almost all the time (clothes, toys, basically stuff for myself). I don’t like leaving the house, unless I really have to. ξ\(^。^ ))))) Yes, it’s ok. I know I’m strange. ^_^;