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Triple Mini Roses Pin/Broach
lifes_a_treat wrote in floretgifts
 Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Did everyone remember to wear green? I did~ I actually had my Shamrock Pin on, along with green socks, shirt, and hair tie. Got all grounds covered~ ^_^b

Today we have a White Mini Roses Pin/Broach
$7.00 each / 30 for $120 / 50 for $160

Scientific Name: Rosa hybrids

Three mini white roses with leafy green backing made with crochet thread.

Color can be changed to suite your taste. Just let me know what color you want, and I'll see if I can find it.

Great for parties, weddings, or gifts as it'll never wilt and die, so you and your guests can keep it to remember the event forever.

Price is $7.00 each / 30 for $120 ($4.00 each) / 50 for $160 ($3.20 each)

I can the pin off and this can be used as a motif to be sewn on whatever you want (backpacks, purse, cell phone strap, etc.). Just let me know if that's what you want.


What do you think? Questions? Critique? Compliments? Comment away~



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